What is Sewa?

Sewa also Seva, derived from Sanskrit, refers to "selfless service", work or service performed without any thought of reward or personal benefit.


Why Volunteer?

  • Learn and socialise with like minded Volunteers
  • Make a postive difference to Society
  • Keep Mind and Body fit through Sewa
  • Lead by example


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Organised by; Ravi Bhanot & Balvir Bhalla via;

What is Sewa Week?

This Charity helps to relieve hardship, bring joy and help the environment. Sewa Week was started in 2001 by Ravi Bhanot and Balvir Bhalla in East London but is now works internationally. The imagination of Sewa Week spread throughout the country, particularly amongst the youth. This resulted in Sewa Day ( being created in 2010. Over 75,000 from 10 countries from different backgrounds, races and creeds, from ages 5 to 90, take part in it. It is estimated that in London alone 1 million kg non perishable food has been donated to the homeless, Sewa trees have been grown by Mayors of Councils since 2015 to start off Sewa Day and thousands of people have been helped to make their lives happier and healthier. To see the scale of help nationally and internationally visit