Past Sewa Events

December 2020: East London Christmas Shoebox Appeal

This year just before Christmas our Sewa Team collected and distributed brand new shoe boxes fulll of gifts for vulnerable children and the homeless in East London. We managed to collect enough goods for 220 boxes. 

Special thank you to the Sewa Volunteers who made the boxes - Kiran Bhanaut, Pinka Bhalla


Sangeeta Bhalla

, Vinay Sofat, Ramesh Chand, Sushma Bhanot, Dev Farmah, Sunaina Farmah and Bali Bhalla. Thank you to Radha Krisha Temple Stratford to allowing us to use your place, to Harj Sethi and his team at SWAT, Anju Ahluwalia and Nim Sagoo from Food4All and the Sewa Volunteers. Very grateful to all those who donated - Rahul Kohli, Ram Gupta, Saroj Farmah and family.

2020 Tree Plantation by our oldest Sewa Volunteer, by Basheshar Bhanot

The oldest Sewa Volunteer in East London 87 year old Mr Basheshar Bhanot unveiled the Sewa Tree plaque on behalf of the Mayor of Redbridge Cllr Z Haque on Sunday 15th November.

A new tree is annually grown by the Mayor to promote the upkeep of the environment and to encourage people to be more environmentally friendly. 

Basheshar explained why trees are so  important. "They filter the air, give nourishment and give protection to animals and is a source of freshness and tranquility."

Bali Bhalla from Sewa Week "Said we are grateful to the Council for their continued support."

Ravi Bhanot said "This is the 4th year a Sewa Tree has been grown. This is part of the community World Environment Day iniatative. Tree preservation is important for the survival of animals, birds and for our existence."

We are grateful to the Mayors Office, Vision and its team and Sewa Day volunteers for their continued support.





Sewa Week Team response to COVID-19 & UK Lockdown Pandemic

The global Corona Virus pandemic has affected tens of thousands of people in a number of profound ways including being...

Posted by Gaggan Sabherwal - Journalist on Friday, 10 April 2020

Sewa volunteers in action delivering vital shopping to elderly and vulnerable people in Redbridge.

Posted by Sewa Week on Thursday, 2 April 2020

Hampers for Homless 2019

Homeless hampers given away...150 given out today at Lincolns Inn Fields Holborn...thanks to the Sewa Team for raising £1129 for this project.

An energetic team co-ordintated items from Gloves, Blankets, Snacks and Bottled Water.

Hoping to carry this form of Sewa on a regular basis every winter. 

Sewa Week 2019

Another fruitful and enjoyable Sewa day. Thanks to all the Sewa Volunteers, the amount of food coming in is overwhelming, just goes to show the generosity of our community.


1. Over 400kg of food received for the homeless-great community effort
2. Annual Sewa Tree grown by Mayor of Redbridge to support the Environmental project of encouraging people to recycle and go more "green". Thank you London Bor. Redbridge and Vision.

2. Made the life of others better.
Over 40 LED lights were installed at the Vhp Ilford Community Centre- to conserve energy and costs

3. The Centre was transformed by cleaning gardening and maintenance work to make a better Centre for the East London community.

Thank you to the 50 volunteers who came to help.

sewa week 2019 1
sewa week 2019 3
sewa week 2019 2

Sewa Week 2018

Transformational day at Ilford Vhp Community Centre and supporting the environment!

Mayor of Redbridge Debbie Kaur Thiara encourages supporting the environment by planting a cherry tree at South Park to kick start Sewa Day Redbridge.

A new library has been created with shelves put up and books stacked on them, cleansing of toilets and all sides of the comm centre and Shivaji hall, panditjis bathroom tiled and panels put up, damp areas preped ready to paint, all toilet seats repaired/renewed, whole centre vacuum cleaned and window sills cleaned!

Well done to all 35 volunteers who helped amazing day...strength in unity in action.

Sewa Week 2017

With the Mayor of Redbridge, Cllr Gurdial Bhamra

Environmental Project in Elhurmhurst, Roding Valley and Loxford Park, which consisted of Litter Picking and Tree Plantation. In an effort to make Redbridge Cleaner and Greener.

Click here to read our Story in the Ilford Recorder;

- "Selfless Sewa volunteers make Redbridge dazzle"

Sewa Week 2016

Enviromental Project in South Ilford

To encourage recycling and caring for the environment, in conjunction with the Mayor of Redbridge Cllr Gurdial Bhamra and Redbridge Council, a Sewa Tree was planted in South Park. "I am very pleased to be planting a Sewa tree in Ilford." said the Mayor."we want to encourage people to take more care of the environment."

Over 70 volunteers aged 8 to 80 picked up litter from inside the park and surrounding area. Some volunteers cleaned a local Community Centre.

Click here to read our Story in the Ilford Recorder

Sewa Week 2015

Over 75,000 people took part in Sewa or self less work around the world on Sunday 4th October.

The Hindu Community of Redbridge got together to deliver over 500kg of non perishable foods to SHP Homeless Unit, York Road, lIford as part of Sewa Day.

"It is important we give back to the disadvantaged in every way. Sewa or self less work is very much part of the hindu culture. We are glad to support the homeless in Redbridge in any way we can." said Bali Bhalla of Ashgrove Road, Goodmayes and representative of Sewa Week Redbridge.

"Sewa Week Redbridge is part of Sewa UK. It is amazing a few of us started Sewa Week 14 years ago and it has ​evolved to be called Sewa Day and has ​grown to now over 75,000 plus people take part in it." said Ravi Bhanot, of Green Lane Ilford and works with Sewa Week Redbridge.

Sewa Week 2014

"Thanks for an amazing amount of food, lovely lunch and entertainment" said Thomas Gorombo Project Manager from SHP Homeless Unit, York Road, lIford. "Sewa Week is getting bigger and better by the year."

Thanks for a tremendous Sewa Day 2014 by over 100 volunteers and for donating over 500kg of food to Night Shelter in York Road, llford and a nice hot lunch. The residents enjoyed the entertainment offered by the Art of Living group.

Sewa Week 2013

Volunteers helped feed people from 2 homeless shelters in Redbridge. The homeless were empowered to earn a living, on the day, by washing cars and taught stress relieving techniques such as laughing yoga. The environment was improved through gardening and joy was given through a cultural entertainment evening.

The aim of making a positive difference to someone else’s happiness and prosperity. Join us to make our dream a reality.

Sewa Week 2011

As part of Sewa Week, over 600 people attended free health and well being workshops. The Sewa Week Team joined forces with Univ. Of Manchester Olympic Health Team, Univ. Of East London and Redbridge Mayor’s Charity Committee to make it an even bigger Sewa Week than ever before.

The Sewa Week, or making a difference week through self less work, has been a great success in East London. Prof. Raj Bhandari from Manchester Univ said: “A lot of people walk around not knowing they are suffering from conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Cholesterol and high blood pressure readings remain as high as they did 3 years ago when we last did tests. However high blood sugar has come down to 10% of the people tested.

This shows that people are either taking medication that is controlling their blood glucose levels or people are enjoying better health.  Almost 1 in 5 are still obese however.  It may well be that this is because glucose tests are more easily available now then ever before compared to cholesterol testing. “

We are grateful to the Mayor of Redbridge for making the Town Hall available for this very useful job. All donations went to his charity.

Sewa week started 10 years ago in Ilford and its popularity developed from here to several towns over the years. Last year this developed to National Sewa Day where 5000 people, young and old and of all backgrounds took part. This year the day developed further into International Sewa Day and people in 20 countries took part in the event.

Sewa week is all inclusive and it was great to see people from the Redbridge Assessment Centre (formerly Redbridge Night Shelter) take part in washing cars to help their Centre as well as people from all faiths get together to cook serve and provide entertainment for the these residents.